Supporting Women Veterans

Zahara Veterans Network is working to build housing for Women Veterans!  With all of the attention paid to our “Veterans”, it is surprising to learn how little is being done for the fastest growing segment of active duty military and veterans, Women.  Women Veterans have very unique needs that are not being addressed as well as they should be.  Whether it’s a need for housing, child care or mental health services to address MST (Military Sexual Trauma) more can and should be done.  Seeing that these needs were not being met by the many organizations helping “Veterans” a highly motivated and energetic Marine decided to do something about it.  When a Marine sets their mind to something its gonna get done!   We are on board to help make it happen because we are so impressed with the Executive Director, Hellena Pugh.  Hellena is the granddaughter of one of the original Montford Point Marines and a Marine herself.  Her Mission is clear and her focus is laser sharp.  Zahara’s primary focus in 2018 and beyond is the creation of the Veterans Village for Women Veterans in NE Florida.  Currently, 150,000 Women Veterans call NE Florida home, making it one of the largest concentrations of Women Veterans in the country.  With your help, by shopping at, we can all help make the Village a reality.  We look forward to helping bring housing for women veterans to other cities in the future.

The Veterans Village will consist of a Community Center in which a Business Incubator will preside to help Women Veterans start and run their own businesses, mental health counseling, job training, and preparation, meeting space and more.  Conceptual drawings and blueprints can be seen here.

The Vision and Mission of Zahara are:

Raise the Voice of Women Veterans

To empower Women Military Service Members and Veterans with the resources needed to positively impact their families and civilian communities through programs that are beneficial, practical, and relevant.

Zahara is already working with two new groups- one in South Florida and one in Alabama to start Zahara Chapters there so they can grow their mission into other communities to help more women veterans.

Here are some interesting statistics about Women Veterans:

  • There are currently 2 million Women Veterans
  • The suicide rate among Women Veterans has consistently increased since 2006
  • Women Veterans are 250% more likely than civilian women to commit suicide
  • Homeless Women Veterans increased by 7% in 2017
  • Florida has the third largest population of Women Veterans in the country numbering 154,000 as of October 2016
  • NE Florida has the highest concentration of female veterans in the state is supporting the Zahara Veterans Network and we hope you will too. 

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