Supporting All Veterans

Vets4Vets of NE Florida is the area’s premier advocacy group for all NE Florida veterans.

Vets4Vets of NE Florida is dedicated to Informing, Connecting, Uniting and Organizing all veterans and veteran groups in NE Florida in order to present a united front for veterans issues to local, state and federally elected officials.

INFORM our Veterans about policy changes, resources, and issues that we face as a collective group

our Veterans with organizations that will build a better future for tomorrow’s Veterans and programs that can assist today’s Veterans during times of need

our Veterans to one another in an effort to build strong relationships and networks within our community

the voice of our Veterans so that we are heard within our Community, our State, and our Country

The Vets4Vets Vision is:
Ensure Veterans are respected and recognized for their service, always receive the benefits and entitlements they were promised and earned and ensure all veterans especially disabled Veterans are given a fair deal.

Vets4Vets is a movement that was created, managed and funded by the Semper Fidelis Society.  They realize that in the veteran community there are many groups doing some of the same things.  Most do not communicate with or work with other similar veteran groups and that Vets4Vets is working to change.  All veteran groups need to work together to advance the issues that veterans have in an efficient and effective way.

Vets4Vets is working to build a Veterans Community Center in the NE Florida area which will be a for veterans, run by veterans and supported by the veteran community facility.  The NE Florida area has approximately 250,000 veterans and family members.  It is one of the most popular places for veterans to retire to and with such a large veteran population the Veterans Community Center will be a welcomed addition to the area.

We support Vets4Vets and the Semper Fidelis Society in their efforts promoting cooperation between veteran groups, fostering greater fellowship amongst veterans and the building of the Veterans Community Center. is supporting the Vets4Vets and we hope you will too. 

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