Supporting K9s For Warriors- Service Dogs for Our Nations Warriors

K9s For Warriors is doing some unbelievable work and providing a service the VA does not.  K9s For Warriors supply service dogs to our nation’s warriors who suffer from PTSD, MST and TBI FREE of charge.  The VA does not provide any funding for service dogs for needy veterans so all of the funding comes from private citizens, foundations, and some corporate funding.  Today, in addition to providing service dogs to our warriors, K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing education and information on the issues. After taking a tour of the facility and meeting with the staff it became clear to me that this was an organization should support.  The facility is super clean, comfortable and welcoming to Veterans and dogs alike.  They have a pool for the dogs, plenty of space to train the dogs, clean well maintained kennels and a staff of caring super motivated individuals who take making a difference in a warrior’s life very seriously.  One thing that most people do not know is that most of the dogs that K9s For Warriors work with are rescue dogs.  The dogs are not bred to be service dogs.  They are saved from shelters across the region to be trained to become a service dog.  Some people do donate dogs to the program in addition to area “puppy raisers” who raise puppies until they reach the point where their training can begin.   Most breeds of dogs are welcome (though no “bully breeds”) as long as they  weigh at least 60-lbs and are at least 24-inches high at the shoulder.  This saves the dogs from being euthanized and provides them with the opportunity to be of service to a Warrior.  K9s saves two lives with their work.  To date, they have rescued 870 dogs and 424 Warriors.  K9s For Warriors give both dog and warrior a new leash on life!

How it Started?  The Founder of K9s, Shari Duval, has a son who served as a K9 Police Officer and served two tours in Iraq as an Army Bomb Dog Handler contractor.  She noticed when he came home that something had changed and they assumed that it was PTSD.  She did notice that he was much better when his dog was around so she put two and two together and an idea was born.  She spent two years researching PTSD, MST and TBI and how to train service dogs.  She started with a modest amount of money but with great support and encouragement.  Shari has now grown K9s For Warriors into one of the nation’s premier Veterans Service groups and the largest of its kind.

As with any other non-profit, fundraising is always an issue and the services of K9s is provided FREE of charge to our warriors.  The introduction process of dog to warrior takes three weeks and K9 covers the expenses.  The only expense to the Warrior is getting to Florida though K9 has groups of folks willing to help with travel expenses too.

This is a high-quality organization doing awesome work and is proud to support them. is supporting the K9s For Warriors and we hope you will too. 

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